Ethnological collection

Already atmosphere in old stable with small windows and a vaulted ceiling add to collection a special charm.

In one part of the barn are on display embroidery made by grandmother Simona. During the winter months, almost each day she is with a needle or crochet hook in her hands. You can see neatly displayed tablecloths and napkins; different colors and stitches, hemmed with hand crochet lace, all her work in over 20 years. The collection is even more interesting, because the motifs on the tablecloths are matching with china and ceramics on the table.

In addition it is an ethnological exhibition, arranged by subject matter and use. By items, that where sometimes used in the kitchen, pantry, bedroom and bathroom, you get some information how our grandmothers and grandfathers lived. We show you also how they used old farm tools in the past. With some of them we remind you of some old Slovenian crafts, such as the shoemaker craft, how to remake wool to the yarn, and similar.

In the barn are on display rustic tools for heavy work. From carpenter table and tools, carriage rides, sleigh, granary and similar. In particular, the collection is very interesting for men, but also women find something for them- but at the end they are both with the same opinion; that with all this hand tools farm life was in past times very difficult.

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