About us

Our homestead pr’Dornk is located in Bled, only 200 meters from the lake, in the old village of Mlino. Village Mlino was named by the several mills that used to run along the river Jezernica, which flows from Lake Bled through the village.

We are always happy to say that our house has already completed 240 years. We wanted to revive the tradition of the house, because already in ancient times there was an inn. It was mainly attended by farmers, that in between waited to grind their grain and they also rest themselves and horses after a long journey. Today, we have an Excursion farm; it means that we offer homemade drinks and snacks, but we do not offer accommodation.

Our house, in spite of the renovation, is still typical for upper Carniola region; built of stone in one part still with vaulted ceiling; the layout of the rooms on the ground floor has remained the same. Particularly interesting is so called “black kitchen” with old tools. We still use it today for heating with ceramic stove, smoking meat, drying fruit… For smaller groups we can show you that kitchen, the old entrance hall and also our living room with a rustic stove and a kitchen with a wood-burning stove.

Opposite the house is an old stable and above the barn for hay, where you can see through the ethnological collection what kind of life they had in past on farm. To make the exhibition even more diverse are on display embroidery of our grandmother Repinc Urevc Simona. In the new stable is a permanent exhibition of Nativity scenes.

With us, your time will rotate back and almost every guest finds an object that reminds him of something from the past. We are looking forward, that our guests depart filled with beautiful feelings and we really appreciate when they say that this is really a Farm with “open doors”. Welcome all lovers of cultural heritage and local taste.


We are looking forward of your visit,

Three generations – Simona, Zarja and Monika

osebe babi veze  osebe Zarja in Monika