Our farmhouse is located at the end of the village. Further from the house we have our orchard with old fruit trees and vegetable- herb garden. From products grown in our garden almost all drinks are done, which we offer in our pub. Therefore we are proud to say that we offer not only domestic but also our home made drinks.

We serve our fruit and herbal juices, liqueurs, various spirits, beer. Only wine is from Goriška Brda region, made on another farm, because upper Carniola is not wine region. We offer wide selection of drinks; we will mention a few of them. Apple juice is completely natural, for those who like more new tastes, we recommend lavender juice. Among liqueurs is our most popular Mother in low potion, among the spirits is Fire brandy. For a summer thirst goes well ale Vzhajanc (Riser), for the winter dark beer Gruntar(major Landowner). We also have hot drinks; especially nice is a smell of homemade herbal tea. In addition to the usual coffee, we also have a good old grandmother chicory coffee.

Our most popular snack is Farmer snack. It is cold cut with a well-smoked and minced bacon (Slovene name is zaseka), dry sausage, prosciutto, domestic salami and cheese, and of course also homemade bread. For weekends, we also offer some dessert, such as the tarragon cake, walnut cake, fried pastry, apple pie, apple strudel,…

For smaller groups by prior order we also serve stew.

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