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Slovenia received on 16th December 2016 official notice of the European Commission in relation to the assessment of the effects of certain plans and projects on the environment. The news was published on web side of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning:…/medijsko…/novica/article/12447/7295/
Because this news is not something that Slovenia can be proud of, they were very poor with information.  For easier understanding, I would like to inform you that one of the complaints, that ask for help the European Commission, is related to the road, which is planned to be done in few years in south part of Bled.   (So called JRC) The problematic part is the section through the village Mlino, where we are living. I am also in the group of people that contacted European commission about. I am pleased that the Commission detected irregularities in the process by placing the JRC through our village, which we have already pointed out for so many years.

Therefore, I have now more hope that our “protected” farm (our farm is protected as a cultural heritage and it has the status of protected farms whose land cannot be alienated) remain in same shape and size. Since the mentioned route of JRC is planned through the village, near the houses, would also affect our farm a lot. We would lose a half of the orchard: 20 magnificent pears and apple trees, typical old sorts, which are all giving a lot of fruit. Because the orchard is located by the house and outbuildings, this is a unique example of the farm in this region and it is also an example of natural and cultural heritage in all its perfection.

Among the greatest artist of Slovenian cultural landscape
are a simple rural people; farmers.
(From the book Beautiful Slovenia)

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